About Us

About Us

‘Orientcare & Massage’ is one of the branch stores belonging to Orientcare Medicine Clinic.

Here, we are trying to focus equally on relaxation and therapeutic massage, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. So, whether you want to have a relaxing massage after a hard day’s work, or if you have some small or large aliment that bothers you, we are here for you.

At Orientcare, all our staff have been trained to do their profession very well. I’d like to emphasize that not only do we have abundant knowledge and experience with what we do, but also we have a respectful professional attitude towards our customers.

We strongly believe ‘The customer is always right.’

Good customer service skills are essential for our type of job. We always address clients personally, providing services to our valuable clients every day.  Whatever we serve, we try to do our best. However, we are always striving for even better customer service.

Finally, we encourage you to give us feedback (positive or negative). We would like the opportunity to improve and we appreciate your help and trust.

See You There